Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Top 10 Tips Landlords Wish Their Tenants Know

Here at The Rentals, our agents work closely with landlords and tenants to ensure clear communication. Sometimes the relationship isn’t established and creates many problems. Many of people understand the renter’s perspective, many of us are not aware of things from the landlord’s .Sometimes many renters prepare for the worst and start the relationship off ready for a fight. Most landlords are simply looking for someone to take good care of their property and pay their rent on time and without any problems. These are many tips which are as:

1. Pay your bills on time

There are many tenants believe that they can pay every other bill before they pay the rent. If you want to stay on our good side so pay your rent on time.

2. Always try to be polite

Being polite and calm really does go a long way. You would not like if Tenants left you snarky or angry screaming messages. Sometimes issues can seem to linger on and on but they really doing our best to get things resolved.

3. Tell the truth

Did you or your kid flush something down the toilet and stop it up? Then tell us the truth which they can solve the problems as quickly as possible. If you going to apartments for rent then tell truth to their problems.

4. Please just leave a message

If you cannot pick up yours call again and again. How do you think we are going to feel good when we finally got answer? It had better be a matter of life or death.

5. Understand that we have a lot going on

Sometimes other tenant’s issues may take priority. So tell all the issues you’re your renters and they can get to it just as soon as they can.

6. If you get in a bind, talk to us

Communication is best key so tell the tenants what is going on. Has your roommate gone off? Did you lose your job? But if you do not talk, there is no way. Please do not put your head in the sand and hope whatever problem you are having will go away.

7. Treat the property as own

You will not believe how many people are just plain rude to the people, send over to try and fix their problems. How do you think you are going to react if you see that your place is a mess or that you are causing damage?

8. Trust your landlords

We are not going to steal your stuff or try and stiff you. So we know some landlords might, but not us.

9. Follow the rules

It just makes life harder for all of us if you choose to ignore them. If you could not live with the rules, then you should not have moved in. So follows the rules always.

10. Respect your neighbours

If you live in Canada apartment for rent so always remember that there are many very close neighbours. Think about how your actions might affect them. Would you appreciate a loud party the night, there are create many problems.


A lot of the above is just common courtesy and common sense which knows every tenant. So follow the above things and let’s make your stay with pleasant as possible.

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