Tuesday, 27 December 2016

5 Secrets You Can’t Hide From Your Landlord

If you keep silent as a child instead of facing up to your parents after breaking something expensive it means you’re not alone. But those childhood secrets offered a lesson for later on in life.

Sometimes renters have a similar reaction, when something is bad in their rental houses. Although it seems OK to be quiet, losing the key.
Here are seven secrets you should never keep from your landlord.

1. You adopted a pet without permit

Maybe you didn’t have a pet when you signed your lease, but after some time you have too. It’s no surprise that some tenants sneak in pets because they aren’t allowed in the rental or they are avoiding paying extra fees. But sneaking pets into your apartment could get you evicted (really!) or slapped with a hefty fine. So you search Canada apartments for rent, never bring in an unauthorised animal without permission of landlords.

2. You moved someone in

Landlords usually check tenants before renting them by conducting a background check or their credit score. If you bring a roommate after signing your lease, you haven’t given the landlord the chance to screen this person, but if you are entry some persons without permission then you have two more problems. Also, depending on the property finder, there may be restrictions on the number of persons.

3. The toilet’s clogged

There is a leaky faucet or water’s backing out of a drain. You could ignore those problems by using another bathroom, you could try to fix the problem yourself but both approaches would be wrong. Many tenants don’t report plumbing problems sometime they’ll be charged for the repair. But the landlord is responsible for fixing all other plumbing problems.

4. There’s a new water stain on the ceiling

A water stain on the ceiling not seems like a big deal. But water stains mean a leaky roof and if you ignore then there are some problems continue to worsen every time it rains. Even a small leakage can become a major problem. The water can seep into the ceiling, damaging insulation, wiring, and framework. That’s why you need to report a water stain to your landlord right away.

5. You lost your key speak the Truth

Your proprietor will charge you to replace your lost key. But the fee for doing should be minimal. In case you're concerned that somebody may locate your key and utilize it to enter your property, you'll also need to pay to have the locks changed, not only for a replacement  key, which will cost more. Yet, unless your address was attached to the key, the chances of somebody knowing which door that found key unlocks are slim.


All of things are very common problems and common things which knows every tenant when take apartments for rent. So ensure the above things which make your stay with pleasant as possible.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Small Space Living Solutions and Design Tips

Finding apartments for rent has become a simple, time saving, easy, and experience with apartment finders. Even living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean living in quarters sometime small square footage can be home to a bright and functional living space with just a few tips and tricks.

There are lists of   tips to help Renters maximize their Apartment Living Experience as:-

  • Art

With Wall Snaps, you can create Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Piano Prints and more of all your favourite art or photos and customization options to really spruce up your apartments. They offer wall art with really neat add-on with your desire.

  • Find Storage in Unexpected Places:

Your bed-frame can work overtime to give you an extra place to store clothes. Bed-frame comes with drawers that will give you the storage space .You has been looking for without taking up any extra floor space for uses.

  • Find Multi-Purposes for your Furniture

A good man can serve as a living room, coffee table, and a storage solution. This round man with a vintage feel from way fair is a lovely, functional coffee table, and opens up to offer a space for magazines ,books,  CDs or DVDs.

  • Fill Up Your Space with an Elegant Sectional

If there are multiple pieces of furniture, it means that is not making a small space feel bigger. A couple armchairs and love-seat can make a tight living room feel cramped instead of spacious.
You can fill the live with one proclamation piece like the chic sectional from that will make shrewd utilization of the space and help the room feel bigger.

  • Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

Hanging mirrors is a great trick to make a small room feel bigger. The Reflect light is creating the illusion of a grander space with a gorgeous accent mirror like this unique piece.

  • Use Area Rugs to break up a Continuous Space

You can create the effect of a larger living space by breaking up a continuous room like in a studio apartment or temple room with strategically placed area rugs. 
You can easily make one room feel like three by designating a living room area, bedroom area and study nook by separating those spaces with eye-catching floor coverings with property alert which is safe for you.

  • Decorate in Light Colors to Create an Airy

The Smaller spaces demand light and fresh colors. Dark colors on the walls and in furniture, make it appear closed-in and very tiny. Fresh colors like these pastel pieces can help brighten a room and make it seem more spacious.

  • Think Outside the Design

When is a bookcase more than a bookcase? It means that you can get creative and transform it into a chic and free-standing pantry. Not having a pantry in your apartment kitchen can feel limiting.
It’s very hard to cook at-home meals when there is to properly store dry food. You can add a focal point to your kitchen while hiding your pantry items.


 A small place does have to feel limiting. With strategic decorating and smart design decisions of yours apartments for rent which your tiny rentals apartment can feel like a spacious and functional designer living space in no time.